5 Healthy Foods You Should Never Eat

For years and years we have been told to stay away from fat to protect our hearts and our health! We have been told to choose sugar free foods as a healthy substitute to sugar! The food industry have been marketing these foods as being healthy for years and we have been going with the flow. Are these so called “healthy foods” really serving our health? What really goes in making these foods? And are these processes causing more harm to us than good?

Here is my take:

1. Artificial Sweeteners:

Artificial sweeteners are displayed, on Wednesday, Sept. 17, 2014, in New York. Artificial sweeteners may set the stage for diabetes in some people by hampering the way their bodies handle sugar, according to results of a study released Wednesday by the journal Nature. (AP Photo/Jenny Kane)


Equal, Sweet ‘N Low, Splenda etc. are all commonly used sugar substitutes. Though they have zero calories they are all created in the lab and highly processed. Most of these sweeteners taste way sweater than sugar and they change your taste buds affecting your ability to taste sugar in real food, like fruits. When you add sweeteners to your food your body starts to produce insulin thinking that real sugar in coming. This creates an insulin spike in your blood causing you to feel hungrier and craving more sugar.

What can you have instead? If you have to sweeten your food use small amounts of raw honey or coconut palm sugar.

2. Flavored Fat Free Yogurt:

We have always been told to stay away from fat and choose fat free! Fat free yogurt comes in various brands and flavors and there is nothing healthy about it. They remove the fat and add the sugar so you are getting your calories from the sugar instead of the fat. If you are wondering why sugar is so bad for you, go here:


What can you eat instead? Choose plain yogurt made from whole milk instead. The fat is good for you and there is no added sugar. You can always add fresh fruit on top for flavor and sweetness.

3. Vegetable Oils:

Canola oil has been marketed as the best oil for a “healthy heart” for years! Most vegetable oils like Canola oil, Cottonseed oil, Soybean Oil, and Corn Oil go through massive amounts of processing including hexane extraction before they are bottled. The truth is that even though these oils claim to lower cholesterol they are made by a process that includes subjecting the oil to high temperatures and chemicals which change the composition and nutritional value of the oil. Most of these oils are also made from GMO ingredients. None of this is healthy my any stretch of imagination.

What can I use instead? Use cold pressed or expeller pressed Coconut oil, Grape seed oil or EVOO instead.

4. Fruit Juice:

We think that just because it comes from fruit, fruit juice must be healthy. But guess what? Most of the commercial fruit juices are made by stripping all the vital nutrients and roughage from the fruit and mainly contain high amounts of sugar. When you have 6-8 oz. of fruit juice your blood sugar level quickly spikes up and then drops causing a crash. This makes you crave for more sugar.

What can I use instead? Have whole fruit instead of fruit juice.

5. Tofu:

Over 90% of soy produced in the US is genetically modified and “roundup ready”, which means that it has a chemical pesticide to repel bugs. Soy naturally also contains large amounts of biologically active compounds called isoflavones, which function as phytoestrogens in our body. Long-term use of soy has been linked to hormonal imbalance and breast cancer. Also, when soy is processed to make Tofu, Soy Milk etc., it changes the nutritional value and the composition of soybean further.

What can I use instead? Avoid soy products. If you are looking for good vegetarian sources of protein go here:


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Much Love, Uma