5 Healthy Tips When You Go Out to Eat!

Let’s say you have really committed to getting fit and shedding off that excess body fat! You have started eating healthy food and also exercising regularly. It’s been 4 weeks and you can see your body change and you are feeling confidant that you can do this! Now, it’s your close friends birthday and she have invited you to a party!

This is when, a lot of people start feeling really stressed and anxious about going out because they feel like they will mess up their weight loss goals and end up eating the wrong food or eating too much! This fear is so real that people start avoiding their social life in pursuit of fitness!

So, first I want to clarify that it is really important to “let your hair down’ every once in a while! If you are too rigid with your diet and exercise plan you are going to get very frustrated and soon enough you will give up!

Secondly, going out with friends and overeating are two completely separate things and should not be mixed! You can have the most amazing time without feeling the pressure to drink excess alcohol or stuffing yourself with crazy amounts of food!

Here are a few tips that will help you make better choices when you go out:

1. You Choose The Place:
The reason why you end up feeling stressed about going out is because you feel completely out of control! The best way to get that control back is to decide where you are going to eat!

You can always be the party planner and let people choose from one of your favorite healthy dinner places.

For example: I will choose a sushi restaurant with a fun bar where I know my friends will have a great time and there will be plenty of healthy options to choose from.

2. Know What You Will Be Eating:
Now, choosing the place isn’t always going to be possible, right? So make sure you ask the host where you are going? If it is at a restaurant, go online or call them and see what’s on the menu.

You can always find something healthy if you look. It is great to know what you will be eating in advance so you don’t have only 10 seconds to decide what to eat when the server is staring at you. A lot of times we end up ordering the wrong food in a hurry!

If the party is at someone’s house, ask what the menu is going to be and take a healthy dish that will compliment the rest of the food. That way you always have one healthy dish on the table. I always carry a fun appetizer or side dish when I am invited for dinner.

3. Split The Portion:
Let’s say, your friend loves burgers and this party is going to happen at a burger place! Who doesn’t like a juicy burger? So here are a couple of things you can do:
1. Order a bun-less burger!
2. Eat half of the burger instead of the whole thing.
3. Eat the whole burger keeping in mind that you need to work just a bit harder when you exercise the next day. If you eat more than you need, then you make sure to burn it off!

4. Make Healthy Swaps:
Just think of one unhealthy thing on your place that you can swap with something healthy.
For example:
1. Order a side of salad instead of french fries. I usually do this and then steal a few fries from a friend’s plate.
2. Order streamed or roasted food instead of fried.
3. Avoid eating bread as an appetizer.
4. Share one dessert on the table instead of ordering individual portions.

5. Alcohol:
If you order a cocktail, just ask them to make it without simple syrup or a sweetener! It’s the high amount of sugar in eat drink that really adds up.

Just keep in mind that liquids carry calories too! So whether you are having fruit juice, soda or alcohol, you are adding calories to your meal.

Once you are aware it is easier to make the right choices!

So that’s it, get out there and have some fun!

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