5 Tips to put regular exercise in your routine

When it comes to your health, both food and exercise work hand-in-hand. Food does play a major role (85%) in this equation, but regular exercise will boost your fat loss and tone your body. I feel that exercise also leaves you feeling great and does wonders for your mental stability and focus.

Now people often think that exercising regularly means spending hours at the gym, but this is not entirely true. You can get a really effective workout in 15 to 20 minutes as long as it is hard and intense for your fitness level, and you are really consistent with it. Which means you need to workout at least 4 times a week and stick with it, week after week without excuses.

This is where most people drop the ball as work, kids and life gets in the way and exercise ends up getting pushed to the back burner.

Here are 5 tips that will help you to make regular exercise a part of your lifestyle –

1. Plan your workouts in advance:
I cannot tell you what a huge difference it makes to take a few minutes every weekend and just plan your workouts for the week. You can choose to take classes or go to the gym if you have the time, or you can pin down specific time slots in your day to get a home workout or a walk in. Whatever activity you choose, it becomes much easier to follow through, if you have already put down the time in your schedule, just like any other important appointment you might have.

2. Workout with friends:
I have always said that it’s much more fun to get a group of friends or even one workout buddy to exercise with you. You’re also more likely to show up to your workout if you know that someone else is counting on you. You can always choose to meet at a friends place and do a home workout together if you are short on time, or you have kids that can play together at the same time!

3. Make exercise convenient:
Choose an activity that is close to where you live or your office or bring your workout to your home! When you choose a class or a gym that is out of your way or where it is hard to find parking etc., it starts becoming inconvenient and you are more likely to bail.

4. Choose an activity that’s fun for you:
Now your workout needs to be challenging, but it also needs to be something you really enjoy doing. I know that sounds contradictory, but it is true. If you choose an activity that is boring for you, you will discontinue it sooner than later. Plus, it’s such a pain to put yourself through something that you dislike at least three times a week! If you are unsure of what you like, I highly recommend trying different things like running, dancing, tennis, the gym, aerobics, boxing, spinning, yoga etc. and then choose the one that you really enjoy and can keep up with.

5. Invest in fun active wear:
I feel that it is motivating to exercise in the right clothing. Make sure you invest in a few pairs of comfortable exercise clothes, a good pair of shoes and other accessories like water bottles and headbands. Some of my favorite brands are Lorna Jane, Nike, Alo Yoga and Lululemon. They all make really good quality active wear that will last you for a long time.

Our new program “Fit In Fifteen” is based on the very concept of workouts being short, effective and super fun all at the same time!

“Fit In Fifteen” has over 30 workouts that are no longer than 15 minutes each, including a warm-up and cool-down. You can do them at home, in your office, at the park or gym, as long as you have a phone or computer. The workouts range from low to high intensity and we have everything from HIIT, to dance, to yoga in there. Whether you are a college student, a busy mommy or have a full time job, “Fit In Fifteen” will be fun for you. If you are interested in discounts, special offers and FREE giveaways during the promotion of “Fit In Fifteen”, email me at uma@omwithatwist.com and I will add you to the list.

In the meantime, try to make regular exercise a part of your lifestyle, just like eating or brushing your teeth.

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