What, When And How Much To Eat For Breakfast?

Have you heard the saying, “You cannot out-train a bad diet”?

This basically means that just exercising regularly is not going to help, if you do not support your workout with the right nutrition. So if your daily meals include processed foods like white bread, sugar, pasta, burgers, fries, biscuits and candy, you are not going to see any results no matter how hard you exercise.

Today I am going to share 4 tips to use your breakfast/or your very first meal of the day, to get your body in the fat burning mode!

Before I begin I want to share that I have an 8 oz. cup of warm water with freshly squeezed lemon juice as soon as I wake up. This is a great way to neutralize your digestive system and get it ready for the day!

Tip 1: When do you have breakfast?
Eat your first meal within 30-45 minutes after you wake up. This jumpstarts your metabolism and gets your body ready for the day. This meal does not have to be large but something quick and loaded with nutrients. If your mornings are busy, pre-cook your breakfast the night before or make a large portion over the weekend.

If tea or coffee is a part of your morning routine, I recommend having that after your breakfast and without added sugar.

Tip 2: What do you have for breakfast?

Most people eat breakfast loaded with carbohydrates like bread, oatmeal, cereal and sugar. This gives you instant energy but that energy lasts for a short time and also creates craving for more sugary food throughout the day. I recommend having a meal with a good balance of protein, fat and carbs!

Traditional Indian breakfast choices like Upma, Poha, Idil, Thalipeeth are all great choices as long as you make them at home with fresh ingredients and cook them in healthy oils.

To watch a vlog I shot a few months ago with my favorite breakfast choices

Tip 3: How much do you eat for breakfast?
Keep in mind that portion sizes matter! Just because something is fresh, in season and healthy, does not mean you can eat bowls of it. For Example: Avocado and Mango are both loaded with nutrients and should be included in your meals, but they are also high in calories and it is very important to make sure you are eating them in the right quantity.

Tip 4: Are you focusing on food that is fresh, local and organic?
Include fresh fruit, vegetables, bread made from sprouts and whole grains and proteins like yogurt and eggs in your breakfast. If you are eating something frozen or from a packet, check the label and see if you know exactly what the ingredients are. Choose food with a short list of ingredients that are easy to follow. If something sounds unfamiliar or like the name of a chemical, then it’s probably not the best choice for you.

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Have a fantastic day!

Much Love, Uma